A Movement

I held you

our hearts as one

my breast

your only source of food

Before I knew it

you were all grown


A star

in your own right

My pride was your smile

Every accomplishment you made

my testimony

Then the call came

My baby was no more

They took you

They stole you

They shattered you

As though you were an animal

Lead filling the body

that was once covered in skin

The clown knows not

he failed his performance

They will not win

My baby is still standing

in her purpose

The circus reported

all is justified

They seemed satisfied

It is not their baby

six feet under

No reason at all

Before she was mine

Thanks to them

She is a nation


Continue my child to rise

Bring the nation together

Sew the parts that divide

Justice shall be served

He lied

tap shoed

on the heads of his ancestors

Lord I pray

The serpent

His followers

Shall fall

for the dungeon

cries for their return




Carve up no more

The worthless swine

Will never reach the height

of my beautiful baby

whom now I call

a movement

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