Good Morning!

It is Friday and I find myself in complete gratitude. Actually, I believe I woke as Princess today. Princess is the name given to me by “winos” who gathered in front of the liquor store near my childhood home in Los Angeles. They created this name because I was always kind and they respected my brothers. I was always late getting where I needed to go because I would always stop by that corner or any corner where there were homeless and hold conversation. In return, they were always kind to me and did their best to protect me at any cost to themselves. When I think of those moments, I know just how blessed I am. Why was I not afraid to mingle with them? Why was I so pressed to engage myself in their world? They never drank, used drugs, smoked, or anything while I was around but, I was no fool. I knew what they were into. Even though I was only in elementary school and later middle school, my instinct told me the details of their lifestyle. Today, I would never recommend a child be so foolish. Safety must always come first. Thank you, Lord, for holding me tight and creating a safety net with an open path for a future.

Good morning sweet,

How are you today?

Are you festering in yesterday?

Or, are you glistening with rebirth?

Cradle me in your thoughts.

Tell me why you beat yourself so.

Taste the air with a new flavor.

Cuddle the child inside.

Look in the mirror with enthusiasm.

This is going to be a momentous day!

When others try to wear you down,

know that I am here.

Know you have a friend.

A friend who loves you

Cares about your dreams.

Truly babe,

It is a beautiful day!

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