I Pay You

I pay you to preserve innocence

not touch the core and pervert

I pay you to uphold law

not act above it

I pay you to be a beacon of light

honor what is right

not spread darkness

I pay you to be my guide

in moments of strive

I do not pay you to divide

I pay you to ignore the color of all skin

After all, I ignore yours

every time you cash your check

I should never need to fear you

My respect is all you should desire

Not because of uniform

Not because of color

Not because of class

Not even because I pay you

But because you are who

you are meant to be

An abiding citizen

respectful of differences

respectful of the oath you swore upon

respectful of the people you serve

All who pay you

Even when our evaluation of you

goes ignored and challenged

Stop your madness!

Pay attention to the evaluation

Be respectful of ALL

Who pay you to serve!

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