Like the One In My Dreams

I was fourteen, experiencing love through the eyes of those in the neighborhood. Many of those relationships scared me and felt very unhealthy. Although those unions caused me to pause, they also intrigued me. Though conflicted has I was I it was years before I allowed myself to truly feel for another human being. Yes, I had many relationships along the way but, it was not until I felt emotional pain that I begin to feel the essence of love.

If every man were like the one in my dreams,

Caring and loving,

Full of spirit and ambition,

Then women would not mind staying at home.

Taking care of the children,

Cleaning and cooking.

Instead of out working and looking

For another man to love her

In ways her husband will not.


Every man is not like the one in my dreams.

They are out to use and abuse.

They lie and they cheat.

All to boost their ego a step higher.

As it always is,

God only made a few good men

Who come one out of every ten.

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