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Mystery of Nature

I will let you decide...

So cold is the air.

The wind blows fiercely.

Water leaking from my eyes.

Over the ache from the stabbing in my heart.

The stars shine like diamonds.

They form no line.

Displaying the joy of life.

Joy I have been forbidden to see.

Roses grow and they die.

The past stays forever unfold.

Rivers float but they never expand.

While yesterday still stands

to increase the content of the brain.

Carnations live and go.

Only they seem to have value.


I cannot be sure.

For nature is a mystery

and man is a puzzle.

Full of sinful creatures

ruining what was once pure.

Deceiving the innocent goddess

who in return

revenges her heart.

The snakes are out tonight.

Searching for a way

to pry open the loner’s pride.


They are so clever

with their lustful stride.


The table shall reverse

and the cat’s snare

will put these mice in eternal fear.

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