Sandra’s Cantina and Grill

Friday evening friends invited me to dinner with at a place called Sandra’s Cantina and Grill in Spring Branch, Texas. Yes, this happened three days ago. I was going to write this that evening but, needed time to decompress so as not to come across as just another bitter woman. So is my experience that evening.

To begin, I enjoyed the company of my friends. It had been so long since I had seen them. They are such a kind and intelligent group of people who happen to also make me laugh. Kip, one of the restaurant employees was made me laugh smile and laugh so that was also good. However, we waited an hour and a half before Emily took our order. I told her that I don’t eat meat nor dairy and asked 2 corn tacos filled with grilled veggies and slices of avocado with French fries on the side. She let me know that veggies would consist of bell peppers and onions only. I asked I they had squash and zucchini. She let me know that they do but, the only way I could have them is if I order the vegetable fajita plate. Because it comes with cheese and they would not remove it, I said know and asked her why I could not at least have a side of those veggies. She said, “It's the owner's policy so no.”

When my food came it was a beef fajita plate that they just took the beef out of. In other words, the plate was all bell peppers with beef seasoning and small pieces of beef, with tortillas and avocado on the side. After 38 minutes of working with Emily and Heather (the manager), 3 times of sending food back to the kitchen, I was done. Heather did agree to take my meal off the bill and give my friend a 25 percent discount.

I really felt awful for my friend and his wife because they invited us out to this place and this is the first time the have had issues. Unfortunately, Emily was on a role that evening. He had one drink and had requested a second, see refused him saying not until his meal arrives. Basically she labeled him drunk because he was laughing and having fun with the friends he invited to dinner. He was being gracious host. Had he drunk too much, there was a designated driver amongst us. Eventually he received his second drink but, it was after his meal.

My final thought? When you think of going out for Mexican Food, passover Sandra’s Cantina and Grill. At least until they fix their customer service issues and become more flexible with the menu.

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