The Heart

As a "latch key" child, I had lots of time to read, dream, and spectate the world around me. It is during this time that I perfected the introverted sister to my extroverted shell. That sister is shy and at times withdrawn from others. She holds tight to internal romances and tends to enjoy simple moments of solitude. She will bury her head deep in the covers to hide protect those precious, single moments that others glide by without any notice. To some she is a nerd. To others, she can appear grumpy. But, to those who know her best, she is love at its' most fragile peak.

I have seen pain

leave an ugly stain

no miracles

can wash it away

I have seen love drift apart

Leaving only half a heart

to bleed

to feed

on what might have been

Just for the record

What you see

and what he means

are different things

What you feel

or perceive real

does not guarantee he can deal


do not start crying

keep on trying

make love realize

you are prepared

to see it through

you feel it is true

You know

The heart cannot lie

It is the center of light

It does distinguish

day from night

If he says goodbye anyway

Ignores you the following day

Then you know

Someday love will come

It will know

The right way

It will last

Your whole life through

Just do not charge too fast

Whisper in his ear

“Baby I love you

I will always be here

Any time of day

You can call

Even if it is next fall

My door is forever

Open to you

All the year through”

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