The Lesson

On my way to the present, I met a lady. This lady was dancing through life’s valleys. She smiled at me and said, “dance with the beat.” Then she danced away. I shrugged my shoulders and continued my journey.

A short distance later, I saw a man singing life’s sorrows. Looking deep within my eyes he said, “sing your song.” Then he sang his way out of range. Confused I continued my journey.

Five steps later I saw a little girl kissing a rose. She turned, looked at me, and said, “Kiss the rose and treasure the thorns.” Bewildered I continued my journey.

Strangely, I saw a young boy appear two steps in front of me hugging a tree. Glancing in my direction he said, “embrace the moment.” Then he disappeared. I proceeded on my journey.

A few steps later, I saw the old woman, old man, little girl, and young boy all standing in front of me. They were smiling. Their smiles generated light with a message running through the center. Listen closely to the message.

“Dance with life whatever the beat. Sing your song so others will learn the trials of time. Kiss the rose and treasure the thorns. For the bad will teach you to appreciate the good. Embrace the moment for the future is uncertain, but the moment will surely last. In the end, cradle the lesson and pray for the future.”

In other words, I look forward to the dance, a chance to sing, time to kiss and treasure, and the opportunity to embrace. Most of all, I welcome the future I prayed for while cradling my lesson.

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