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Violence For Violence Is Not The Answer

I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, I am not a proponent of violence. I do not think his behavior justifies cops being shot. I do think his behavior warrants him; and I do mean him being prosecuted to the full extent of the law and put in prison. I also believe that there are more good cops than bad ones. I know quite a few good ones; and I have seen some that I hope I never see again. We can not continue to take the behavior of a few and turn it into the behavior of all. We we can do, is use our various platforms to call for justice in each situation the message is clear that change must happen. I could go on but, I will stop. Just remember, we must teach a better song to generation x or the future will be the past. It starts with us and our behavior; african american, white, hispanic,etc. We must find a way to at least act as one.

Federal officers in downtown Portland on July 11, 2020. (Kody Whiteaker)

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